May 14th, 2011

Podcast 121: NSAIDs Unsafe at Any Dose after MI

Guidelines warn about using NSAIDs after myocardial infarction, and a 10-year look-back study from Denmark shows that the warning should be even louder. Whereas current AHA guidelines advise using NSAIDs after MI for the briefest possible time, the Danish study, published last week in Circulation, finds that the risks for death and reinfarction begin within the first week with some NSAIDs, and continue throughout treatment. Diclofenac is especially risky in this context.

Interview-related links:

Circulation abstract (free)

AHA scientific statement on NSAIDs from 2007 (free)

One Response to “Podcast 121: NSAIDs Unsafe at Any Dose after MI”

  1. T. Deutscher says:

    Would be great to hear discussion regarding whether the pain or underlying condition for NSAID use was a major factor for increasing CV risk.

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