June 18th, 2010

Podcast 92: Corticosteroids in COPD exacerbations — high-dose intravenous or low-dose oral?

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A JAMA paper suggests that in all but the most severe exacerbations of COPD, it’s best to start off with low-dose oral corticosteroids rather than the higher-dose intravenous treatment that, contrary to guideline recommendations, almost everyone now gets. Our conversation this week is with the study’s first author, Dr. Peter Lindenauer.

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2 Responses to “Podcast 92: Corticosteroids in COPD exacerbations — high-dose intravenous or low-dose oral?”

  1. http://podcasts.jwatch.org/index.php/podcast-92_corticosteroids_copd/2010/06/18/

    I wonder if at least some of the reasons for use of IV corticosteroids for COPD would be for the patient’s admission to be justified by the “need” for IV medication. Whereas if the patient were merely treated with oral low dose steroids, the admission would be denied by managed care and Medicare review.

  2. what is emphysema…

    [...]Podcast 92: Corticosteroids in COPD exacerbations — high-dose intravenous or low-dose oral? | Clinical Conversations[...]…

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