October 10th, 2009

Podcast 60: Weight loss in type 2 diabetes benefits obstructive sleep apnea — a conversation with Prof. Gary Foster

It’s been treated as fact for a long time, but now there are data to prove it: weight loss in type 2 diabetes does ameliorate obstructive sleep apnea. Gary Foster of Temple University has an ongoing study of some 250 patients, and he’s just presented data on the first year of an anticipated 4-year follow-up. Listen in.

The gift deadline for our survey has been extended. The analysts want more data (don’t they always?), and so if you take the survey you’ll get a $5 gift certificate from Amazon. See the notice just above (or below) this text on the website for information. I don’t imagine they will extend the deadline much past the end of October, so please unload all your opinions upon us soonest.

If you’d rather do that informally and directly, you can always dial 1-617-440-4374 or contact me at jelia@nejm.org.

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