July 18th, 2015

Podcast 180: A sketch of community-acquired pneumonia

How Webster defined it 90 years ago.

How Webster defined it 90 years ago.

The CDC’s Seema Jain is our guest, talking about a study she did with her team to characterize the causes of community-acquired pneumonia in U.S. adults. (They don’t mention finding Webster’s Micrococcus lanceolatus.) Medicine has come a long way since 1925, but Dr. Jain says that clinicians still need better diagnostic tools to pinpoint the causes of CAP in individual patients.

Using five hospitals in Chicago and Nashville, Jain’s team surveyed over 2000 adult patients admitted with radiographic evidence of CAP during a 30-month period. Also included is discussion of her February paper that sought to characterize CAP in children.

NEJM abstract of study in adults

NEJM abstract of study in children


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