September 25th, 2013

Podcast 168: The Camden Coalition’s work on alleviating the discontinuity of medical care

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Running time: 10 minutes

The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers formed about 10 years ago as a quarterly breakfast club of primary-care providers who were frustrated in their attempts to bring care to comprehensive care to their patients in Camden, N.J.

The Coalition’s found and executive director, Dr. Jeffrey Brenner (himself a family physician) has just been awarded a MacArthur Foundation fellowship, and so we caught up with him for a quick chat.


The coalition’s website

One Response to “Podcast 168: The Camden Coalition’s work on alleviating the discontinuity of medical care”

  1. Farrokh Alemzadeh, MD says:

    Yes, I read about this just last night on the Family Practice News. Dr. Brenner’s model of organizing this medical home is being followed and may be implemented on a state and federal government level. This is an honor for me as a fellow family practitioner in California.

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