November 15th, 2019

Podcast 242: Tranexamic acid saves lives after traumatic bleeds

Tranexamic acid, which frustrates clot dissolution, has been shown to reduce death from intracranial bleeding in a large international placebo-controlled trial — “CRASH-3.”

Ali Raja and Joe Elia host a lively chat with Ian Roberts, the co-chair of the trial’s writing committee, who, in addition to chastising the hosts’ seeming fascination with P-values, recounts a story from early in his training that first stirred his devotion to preventing bleeding-related death after trauma.

NEJM Journal Watch Emergency Medicine summary of CRASH-3

CRASH-3 report in The Lancet

Ian Roberts explains CRASH-3 on YouTube to collaborators in Malaysia

Roberts presents CRASH-3 results at World Congress on Intensive Care on YouTube

Running time: 23 minutes

2 Responses to “Podcast 242: Tranexamic acid saves lives after traumatic bleeds”

  1. DR. Firdousi Ahmed Ali Aljailani says:

    New England Journal Of Medicine is the most respected scientific medical journal worldwide

  2. Hamed Alkaff says:

    In all my cases with acute non-variceal bleeding and in dengue hemorrhagic fever (my country, Yemen, is currently an endemic area), I use tranexamic acid 500 mg IV bolus, followed by 500 mg (diluted in 100 ml normal saline) as a continuous IV infusion over 8 hrs only. … Seems like it works; and I didn’t recognize any thrombotic event.

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