March 10th, 2016

Podcast 198: Three laws that could reduce U.S. firearm mortality

m-16 and candle

M-16 and candle, 1968

Implementing universal background checks for gun purchases, for ammunition purchases, and mandating firearm identification could dramatically lower U.S. mortality attributable to firearms, our guest says.

In the Lancet, Dr. Bindu Kalesan and her colleagues examined state gun laws associated with the lowest mortality rates and concluded that if three of those laws were implemented at the national level, rates would drop by over 90%.

Lancet article (free abstract)

One Response to “Podcast 198: Three laws that could reduce U.S. firearm mortality”

  1. Danny Lancaster says:

    Sounds great. Every heard or been to West Virginia. Recently passed concealed carry without background checks. I hate to tell you but you have wasted your time.

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